Our Commitment

Our mission at The Software Company is to create easy-to-use, cost-effective and technically-sound .NET API solutions that enable developers to quickly transform raw data into intelligent information.

We are a customer-focused company. Over the years we've made a multitude of customer-driven improvements to our software. We firmly believe that working as partners with our customers is the best way to stay in tune with their specific needs. We are always working on further improvement of our products and welcome your opinion. As we continue to grow, our customers will always be the primary focus of our organization.

Data Cleansing API Components

NetZipCode for .NET - Address Verification, Correction and ZIP+4 Lookup API

NetZipCode for .NET Box

NetZipCode provides a cost-effective solution for verifying and correcting addresses. Next-generation USPS address-matching technology offers superior results over other similar systems.

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NetAddress for .NET - Address Standardization, Validation and Parsing API

NetAddress for .NET Box

NetAddress intuitively and accurately standardizes and parses addresses to USPS "Postal Addressing Standards Publication 28" and "Canada Post" guidelines.

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NetGender for .NET - Name Parsing and Gender Identification API

NetGender for .NET Box

NetGender recognizes more than 200,000+ first and last names and will precisely gender code and parse full names or compound names into five components: Prefix, First, Middle, Last, Suffix.

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NetCase for .NET - Proper-case Conversion and Data Transformation API

NetCase for .NET Box

NetCase gives you precise control of the output format. Proper-cased and formatted data is more attractive to the reader and can considerably improve response rates on any marketing campaign.

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Additional Information

All of our components are designed to work seamlessly with a wide variety of programming languages. The .NET framework provides a unifying architecture for language interoperability.

  • Designed for use with C#, VB.NET and any other .NET compatible programming language
  • Unlimited use - no throttling, no quotas
  • Free upgrades for a full year
  • Free trial - evaluate components before purchasing
  • All local APIs - fast-secure-reliable - no external Web service or connection required

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