Address Standardization and Parsing API

NetAddress for .NET BoxNetAddress for .NET API allows you to quickly and easily build address standardization, cleansing and parsing into your custom applications. Integrate postal address data from a wide variety of sources into a common format. NetAddress also performs an address quality assessment allowing quick identification of critical data quality issues for both U.S. and Canadian Addresses.

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  • Address Standardization - Addresses are standardized to USPS “Postal Addressing Standards” and “Canada Post” Guidelines
  • Address Validation - Quickly identify incomplete or incorrect addresses before they enter your system
  • Address Parsing - Split street addresses into 7 separate elements
  • No Recurring Charges - Does not require a USPS database subscription; unlimited processing volume
By USPS estimates,
close to 24% of all mail is
addressed incorrectly.
  • $399
  • $799
  • $1999
  • Single Developer License
  • 5-Developer Team License
  • Site License - Unlimited Developers

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How NetAddress Works

NetAddress for .NET starts by carefully identifying each individual address component based on its context. Intuitive algorithms examine the results and a selection is made of the most complete and correct data. If needed, format corrections are made and the recommended postal abbreviations are applied. Next, the Address Quality flag is set to indicate how complete and correct the address is. Finally, the standardized address components are returned to your application along with a complete and cleansed composite address.

Strict adherence to USPS “Postal Addressing Standards Publication 28” and “Canada Post” guidelines ensures consistent standardization of every address. However, you can easily customize these settings for critical applications.

NetAddress for .NET is the only address validation and parsing software that can reliably find and extract a street address when it's surrounded by extraneous data.

A Closer Look

NetAddress for .NET can process all types of addresses including suite numbers and city/state/zip. A special Address Quality flag is returned each time an address is processed allowing you to easily identify questionable addresses before they enter your system. Also returned is an Address Type flag indicating the type of address being processed: Street, Military, PO Box, Rural Route, Highway Contract, General Delivery or Suite giving you flexibility in the handling of each of them. Plus, for a more appealing presentation, NetAddress can also set the proper capitalization.

Combining NetGender with our NetAddress product will give you a powerful one-two punch to tackle even the most daunting task of identifying data that has been entered free-form. The names, addresses and C/S/Z either "float" from field to field or you are just not sure of what's been entered in the field. Using the NetAddress/NetGender combination, you'll always be confident of the type of data you're working with.

The secret to the effectiveness of NetAddress lies in its use of intuitive algorithms. Addresses are first analyzed, then intelligently parsed, producing impressive results.


  • Save money on postage by eliminating incomplete or non-addresses
  • Catch data-input errors before they enter your database
  • Standardize and parse addresses for faster processing
  • Unlimited processing volume - no recurring update charges
  • Simple Deployment - just two DLLs
  • High-Performance, Local API for Security and Speed - no remote server dependency


  • Addresses are standardized to USPS and Canada Post recommended abbreviations
  • Proper-case conversion for more attractive data presentation
  • Easily separate name, street address and city/state/zip
  • Parse street addresses into 7 separate components
  • Designed for use with C#, VB.NET and any other .NET-compatible programming language

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