Name Parsing and Gender Identification API

NetGender for .NET BoxNetGender for .NET API allows you to quickly and easily build name verification, parsing and gender identification into your custom applications. Accurately verify whether a particular field contains a valid individual or company. NetGender uses a 200,000+, ethnically-diverse, first and last name dictionary in combination with an 10,000+ company name dictionary to ensure precise gender determination.

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  • Name Validation - Name-quality flag to easily identify incomplete or incorrect names
  • Name Standardization - Prefixes and suffixes are abbreviated and standardized to your specifications
  • Name Parsing - Separate full names into five individual components; split-apart multiple names in the same field
  • Gender Identification - 200,000+, multi-ethnic, first and last name dictionary for pinpoint accuracy
Our extensive gender dictionary was
compiled from several accurate,
frequency-based models including
sources such as DMV and US census.
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  • $599
  • $1499
  • Single Developer License
  • 5-Developer Team License
  • Site License - Unlimited Developers

How NetGender Works

NetGender for .NET starts by carefully inspecting the input name property, removing redundant punctuation, identifying companies and pre-conditioning the name for parsing.

Next, based on the Name_Style you've selected, intuitive algorithms identify and parse each individual name element into the appropriate component: prefix, first, middle, last or suffix.

The gender is now determined using the built-in dictionaries and user supplements and the Name_Quality flag is set to indicate how complete and correct the name appears to be.

Finally, the user-specified prefix/suffix abbreviations and capitalization preferences are applied and the standardized name components are returned to your application along with a complete composite name.

A Closer Look

NetGender for .NET can process all styles of names including inverse, natural order, hyphenated and multi-part last names. Multiple names in the same field and companies can be easily separated giving you powerful formatting control.

NetGender can also accept free-form names and then accurately split them into their standard components no matter what the original format.

Using an extensive dictionary of more than 200,000 ethnically-diverse first and last names in combination with a 10,000+ term company dictionary, the gender is determined with extraordinary accuracy.

NetGender also uses a unique gender percentage factor. This factor is based on the proportion of males to females for a particular name allowing you to set the point at which certain names will be returned with a neutral gender.

NetGender for .NET Screen Shot

C# and VB.NET sample applications can be found in the NetGender folder

Some examples using the “Variable” name style:

NetGender for .NET Sample Data

NetGender's accurate results are driven by a specially-encoded, 200,000+ first and last name dictionary that was specifically created with a rich ethnic diversity.


  • Precisely determine the gender makeup of your list for target marketing
  • Increase response rates with personalized salutations
  • Name variant property - invaluable for finding duplicate names
  • Unlimited processing volume - no recurring update charges
  • Simple Deployment - just two DLLs
  • High-Performance, Local API for Security and Speed - no remote server dependency


  • Prefixes and suffixes are standardized to your specifications
  • Proper-case conversion for more attractive data presentation
  • Split-apart multiple names in the same field
  • Parse full names into 5 separate components
  • Designed for use with C#, VB.NET and any other .NET-compatible programming language

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