Proper-case Conversion and Data Transformation API

NetCase for .NET BoxNetCase for .NET API is a data quality component that converts existing data formats into proper-cased formats that are more attractive and easier to read. NetCase applies proper-case through the use of special algorithms and Style Tables. With NetCase you can easily translate, punctuate, adjust field lengths as well as correct common misspellings before they enter your system.

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  • Proper-case Conversion - Precisely apply proper-case based on context
  • Data Translation - Convert symbols and abbreviations - "(c) TSC" becomes "© The Software Company, Inc."
  • Spelling Correction - Instantly correct typos using the included list of common misspellings
  • Field Length Control - Create or expand abbreviations using the built-in USPS-approved abbreviation tables
Proper-cased, personalized
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  • $999
  • Single Developer License
  • 5-Developer Team License
  • Site License - Unlimited Developers

How NetCase Works

NetCase for .NET is controlled by 16 user-defined Style Tables each with its own unique customizable definitions. NetCase starts by applying the algorithm for the selected Capitalization: “Title”, “Sentence”, “EachWord”, “Upper”, “Lower” or “None”. Next, every word/phrase from the input string is compared to the Style Table that was selected for that string. When a match is found, a replacement is made using the corresponding word/phrase from the selected Style Table overriding any other capitalization settings. The result is a precise transformation to proper-case no matter what type of input string.

A Closer Look

NetCase for .NET can process all types of data including Names, Addresses, City/State/Zip, Titles, Sentences and more, each with its own unique capitalization rules. The capitalization is controlled by 16 user-defined style tables. Style tables allow you to apply different capitalization rules to the same word depending on its context. NetCase does more than just proper-case conversions. You can also control field lengths using the built-in table of more than 2,300 common business word abbreviations as defined in Appendix G of USPS “Postal Addressing Standards Publication 28”.

NetCase for .NET Screen Shot

C# and VB.NET sample applications can be found in the NetCase folder

NetCase for .NET Sample Data

The use of the wildcard character (*) in the style tables allows you to proper-case entire groups of words depending on their prefixes.


  • Save Keying Time - automatically convert symbols and translate abbreviations into their correctly-capitalized full-spelling
  • Instantly Correct Typos - built-in list of common misspellings is included
  • Field Length Control - create or expand abbreviations using the built-in USPS-approved abbreviation tables containing more than 2,300 entries
  • Boost Response Rates with Personalization - over 1,000 proper-cased and punctuated Irish surnames are included
  • Simple Deployment - just two DLLs
  • High-Performance, Local API for Security and Speed - no remote server dependency


  • Apply different capitalization rules to the same word depending on its context
  • Eliminate conflict between street address and city/state: Ct = Court, CT = Connecticut
  • Correctly case surnames names like: "McDonald" and "O'Brien" and medial caps such as: "FEDEX" to "FedEx"
  • Standardize name prefixes like: "M/M" and "M&M" to "Mr. & Mrs."
  • Designed for use with C#, VB.NET and any other .NET-compatible programming language

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